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Heartcentered intuitive communication with animals

Insight into your animal's feelings, deepening the relationship with your animal, insight into yourself with the aid of your animal

When you communicate from heart to heart with animals you exchange information (energy) between yourself and the animal by way of thoughts, mental images and feelings.

Insight and awareness

Intuitive communication with animalsIntuitive communication gives insight and awareness in:

  • behaviour, like stress and fear
  • trauma's
  • non-physical causes for physical imbalances*
  • relationship between you and your animal
  • your personal development
  • relationship between animals
  • the reason why you and your animal are together
  • your animal's life fulfilment
  • the presence of entities
  • past lifetimes 

I also guide animals during their period of transition and I communicate with animals that have crossed over.

* In case of a physical problem always consult someone who is specialized in working with the physical body, like a(holistic) veterinarian, a homoeopath, an osteopath, an acupuncturist etc.


 A consultation often includes a healing. During a healing I follow the needs and wishes of your animal. It is also possible to apply for additional healing sessions. 

Additional therapy

In addition to a consultation I may direct you to a homoeopath, holistic veterinarian, acupuncturist or behavioral therapist.

Apply for a consultation

YasminI work at a distance with animals, so you don't have to visit me in person. In order to be able to connect with your animal(s) I need the following data:

  • name
  • gender
  • (estimated) age
  • a (digital) picture
  • the reason why you want to apply for a consultation for your animal
  • the questions you have for your animal
  • things you want your animal to know
  • your family composition: humans and animals with their names

I also give your animal the opportunity to share what (s)he needs sharing: An animal often offers advice to his/her person.

As soon as I have communicated with your animal, you'll receive an elaborate transcript via email. If desired we can have an additional review by landline or Skype.

"Our animal friends are angels who lift us to our feet, when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly"


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