About us

In 2015 we, Erik & Irene, moved to a small village in the German Eifel. We were fully unaware of what was to come and would change our lives forever: the creation of a cat sanctuary.

We moved to the Eifel from the Netherlands with 6 cats. Within a year 3 of these cats died from a congenital heart disease. It was clear that the cats set a lot in motion: letting go, surrender, faith ...

In January 2016 female cat Maya from Crete crossed our path. She opened the door for more cats from abroad to enter our life. The appearance of female cat Mirre the following April turned everything upside down. We had to pick her up at Frankfurt airport. We will never forget the way she looked at us through the openings of her travel carrier. It was love at first sight.

Mirre turned out to be very ill and needed a lot of care. With patience and love we moved heaven and earth for her. Mirre taught us the true meaning of dedication. Caring for her was never too much. She became the light of our lives. Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to her after six months. She was simply too ill ...

Our beloved Mirre

After she crossed the rainbow bridge, Mirre invited us to further develop our dedication. It became the starting point of the creation of a large cat family. All of our cats have had a tough start in life and experienced what it means to be unloved, neglected, discarded and abused in a world of chaos.

In our sanctuary the cats can reconnect with their inner source and connect with the group. We witness amazing friendships arise, cats letting go of trauma's, cats growing mentally and emotionally, but we also have to let some of them go, because they are too ill to heal. We laugh with our cats and we shed tears with them.

The majority of our cats comes from Egypt. Egypt used to be a country where cats were considered sacred living in temples. Nowadays it is a land where cats suffer incredibly. In our cat sanctuary we all live together in harmony and the cats are exceptionally loved and recognized.

We offer all our cats the best from a holistic and natural point of view. This is a considerable investment. When you feel attracted to our cat sanctuary and love to support us financially, then please feel free to contact us.


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